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Saturdays list for 05 November 2016


We're all ready for the election to be over, at least I know I am.  Get out and vote for our pro 2A candidates, and be prepared for a fight in the state legislature this coming session.  We have increased our on-hand quantities of AR parts, ammunition and accessories to keep our customers stocked up if the election doesn't go our way.  While we do not expect a craze like Sandy Hook, its not a bad idea to take and inventory of what you have and what you still need or may be short on.  Our 2017 Calendar should hopefully come out at the end of next week, so make sure to stop by www.bmccalendar.com and preorder a copy or three!  Oh and stop by tieronearmorer.com and see what we're up to over there.....

The list:

Amend2 magazines:

  • 30rnd black


  • SLR-107FS USED like new with quad rail and Primary Arms red dot for $1,199.99ea


  • Milsport 9mm carbines


  • KMod covers
  • Completion kits(buffer tube, buffer, spring, castle nut, end plate

CMC Triggers:

  • AK pattern triggers with either a curved or flat shoe
  • AR drop in triggers in several varieties


  • 19 Vickers edition
  • 43 FDE
  • 43 Black

KE Arms:

  • Stripped lowers
  • Drop in triggers for AR's
  • Lower parts kits


  • Anti-walk pins


  • Dragon muzzle device


  • MOE PMag30
  • MOE GL17

Primary Weapons Systems:

  • MK107 MOD2 pistols with Maxim Defense adjustable cheek piece
  • MOD2 end plates 
  • MOD2 buffer tube/plate

Spikes Tactical:

  • ST-T2 buffers
  • Lower parts kit for AR15 pattern rifles

Strike Industries:

  • Viper stocks
  • Viper CQB stocks
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Lots of muzzle devices
  • Charging handles, forward assist and other small parts in RED and BLUE


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