Maxim Defense, CQB Stock, Gen 7, Standard Buffer, AR-15, Black


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Introducing the Maxim Defense Gen 7 CQB Stock, a cutting-edge solution tailored for enthusiasts desiring a compact, robust, and sleek stock for their AR15. Crafted meticulously in black with a matte finish, this stock embodies durability and functionality. Its ingenious design requires no buttons to deploy; a simple pull extends the stock, transforming your AR-15 with an additional 5.35" in length at full extension—mirroring the length of a standard extended M4 carbine stock.

The Gen 7 stands out by offering four total positions, catering to various operational needs and ensuring optimal comfort and control in any situation. This iteration adopts a minimalist approach by eliminating side sling swivel attachment points, resulting in a sleeker profile. Instead, it features an installed ambidextrous sling mount end plate, enhancing its versatility and appeal to both right and left-handed users.

Included in the assembly are a standard weight proprietary buffer, buffer spring, and buffer tube, specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Gen 7 stock. It's important to note that this stock is not compatible with standard AR-15 buffer tube assembly components, underscoring its unique design and functionality. Whether for tactical, competitive, or recreational use, the Maxim Defense Gen 7 CQB Stock sets a new standard for performance and convenience in firearm customization.

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