BMC Tactical / Warrior Steel LLC – FFL/SOT

BMC Tactical Store

As New Mexico’s premier source of Tactical Equipment, Firearms, Ammunition, and Accessories, we proudly support and supply the local and national law enforcement and United States Department of Defense community.

Our Mission:
We believe in selling a quality product at a fair price. We practice what we preach, research and test the product, and have employees in the shop with actual military experience. We love this shit.

Our History:
Passion, dedication, and experience honestly sum up what we are at BMC Tactical / Warrior Steel. President of the company, George Bracken served in Vietnam with the 9th infantry division (mechanized) as a MA Deuce gunner on a M113 armored personnel carrier. He was hit in the TET offensive of ’68 and spent the next 15 months in the hospital recovering. He received the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in combat against the Communist North Vietnamese. George has a long history of doing business in the South Valley of Albuquerque.

Only son, Walter Bracken has worked alongside his dad most of his life. His affection for all that is military and service minded is evident in BMC Tactical / Warrior Steel. Walter opened BMC Tactical in September of 1999. Warrior Steel LLC was opened recently and is our store within a store where we offer quality firearms.