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Introducing the Nighthawk Agent 2, a masterclass in engineering and design, tailor-made for those who demand precision, performance, and unparalleled aesthetics in their firearms. At its core, the Agent 2 features the robust and reliable Government Size .45ACP caliber, offering superior stopping power combined with exceptional craftsmanship. The firearm’s lightened recon rail and faceted slide, not only enhance functionality but also contribute to its striking appearance, accented by slide windows for an added touch of sophistication.

Agency front and rear cocking serrations ensure a secure grip under any conditions, while the meticulously matched texture on the front strap, back strap, and controls guarantees a consistent, reliable hold. Enhancements like the extended, faceted, and angled magazine catch, coupled with a match grade bushing barrel, elevate the shooting experience to new heights. The barrel's fluted hood not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the firearm's outstanding performance.

At the heart of its ergonomic design is a one-piece mainspring housing/magwell, streamlined for efficient handling and reloads. The precision-engineered Heinie ledge black rear sight aligns flawlessly with the Nighthawk fiber optic front sight for rapid target acquisition in a variety of lighting conditions. This is complemented by the NH smoke cerakote finish, offering durability and corrosion resistance that stands up to rigorous use.

The Agent 2 features Railscales G10 Grips for a non-slip handle, ensuring maximum control and comfort. The barrel, crowned and flush-cut, not only contributes to the firearm's sleek profile but also promotes enhanced accuracy. The custom Nighthawk/agency trigger facilitates a crisp, clean break with each pull, while the ambi safety provides added versatility for both right and left-handed shooters.

The Nighthawk Agent 2 represents the pinnacle of tactical and aesthetic design, a testament to what's possible when performance meets artistry.

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