Medical Points Abroad- Bandage And Boo-Boo Kit

Medical Points Abroad

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Introducing the Medical Points Abroad, Bandage And Boo-Boo Kit, your comprehensive solution for minor injuries and ailments. This kit includes all four of our specialized mini kits: White Fluffy Stuff, Antiseptic, Bandage, and Meds, ensuring you're prepared for a wide range of situations. Additionally, it comes with two squares of premium moleskin for blister protection, two small rolls of gauze for dressing wounds, and a roll of duct tape for various applications. Compact yet complete, this kit is a must-have for travelers, adventurers, and anyone who needs a practical, all-inclusive first aid solution on-the-go.

This Kit Includes:

(2) Rolled Gauze, 4″
(2) Gauze Pads 2 x 2
(2) Gauze Pads 3 x 3
(2) Gauze Pads 4 x 4
(2) Non-Adhering Pads 2×3,
(2) 5×9 ABD Pads,
(2) Oval Eye Pads
(1) Adhesive Tape
(1) Moleskin 2″x5″
(1) Duct Tape Roll
(2) Non-Aspirin Packets
(2) Ibuprofen Packets
(2) Antacid Packets
(2) Pain Relief Packets
(2) Antihistamine Packets
(2) Sinus Med Packets
(3) PVP Prep Pads
(3) Antibiotic Ointment
(3) Alcohol Prep Pads
(3) First Aid Burn Cream
(3) Hydrocortisone Cream
(3) Antiseptic Wipes
(16) 1×3 Cloth Bandages
(3) Knuckle Bandages
(3) Fingertip Bandages
(3) Butterfly Bandages
(3) Spot Bandages
(5) Junior Bandages

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