Medical Points Abroad- Splinting Kit

Medical Points Abroad

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Introducing the Medical Points Abroad, Splinting Kit, a comprehensive solution designed for your musculoskeletal emergencies, excluding spinal injuries. This kit is not only rich in resources but also boasts an innovative design that accommodates the challenges of outdoor adventures. It may seem bulky at first, but don't let that fool you; its components can be quickly broken down and stashed in varying areas of your pack. We suggest unrolling the aluminum splints, folding them in half, and tucking them into the water bladder sleeve. Rest assured, your bladder will still fit perfectly. The remaining elements are compact and highly compressible, ensuring they consume minimal space in your pack. The potency of the Splinting Kit is undeniable. Whether it's reinforcing an ankle or knee to enable walking with assistance or providing support for arm injuries with a sling and swathe, this kit reduces the need for immediate Search and Rescue response, offering you a higher degree of self-sufficiency in managing injuries.

This Kit Includes:

(2) Aluminum Splint, 36″
(2) Elastic Bandage, 4″
(1) Coban Roll
(4) Cravats, Small
(2) Gauze, Rolled

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