Medical Points Abroad- CANKL, Loaded, Black

Medical Points Abroad

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Introducing the Medical Points Abroad, Convertible Accessory for Ninjas, Kleptos, and Lifesavers (CANKL) – a versatile and comprehensive kit designed with adaptability in mind. Suitable to be worn as a traditional ankle kit, it boasts a generous cut that can accommodate nearly a 25” circumference ankle, eliminating the need for an extension strap. The kit features a series of straps on the back, facilitating concealed carry Inside the Waist Band. It is equipped to hold a range of essential items from medical supplies to magazines, flashlights, and lockpicks. Its full-length hook and loop fastener enables the kit to roll up tightly, making it perfect for attaching to a grab handle in a vehicle, a roll bar, or a backpack strap. It can even wrap around a loaded WHACK Next Gen for an all-inclusive solution. The CANKL kit includes Compressed Gauze, Elastic Bandage, CAT Tourniquet, and Trauma Shears, ensuring you're prepared for any situation. The CANKL kit goes beyond the ordinary, providing versatility, convenience, and reliability in one compact package.

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